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A Little Bit About The Channel Trailer

Most music artists these days whether they are new comers or not probably have a YouTube channel or two. However it does amaze me though how many don’t have a catchy attention grabbing channel trailer. YouTube added channel trailers awhile back to help creators establish their brand and build their subscriber base. I think channel trailers are a great way to talk to your unsubscribers and to try to get them to hit that little subscribe button. Since I enjoy animating and making people laugh I went for the funny approach for my channel (see above). Comedy works good on YouTube dare I mention such greats like “The Lonely Island” or “Jon Lajoie” If you have a more serious channel covering topics such as health & fitness or learning tutorials then maybe comedy isn’t the best way to go. Below you will find some of the best YouTube channel trailer tips to incorporate into your channel trailer.

The Best YouTube Channel Trailer Tips:

  1. Keep things short – Attention spans these days are shorter than ever so make sure to keep your channel trailer short and sweet. However you must leave your viewers with a good understanding of what your channel is about but most importantly a craving for more of your content.
  2. Get your message across – What is it that you want people to know about your channel or business? Ask yourself the who, why and what questions and also why should people care. Value is key on YouTube make sure you tell your viewers why subscribing to your channel will benefit them. For example because you offer something new or a refreshing perspective on something that has already been done.Youtube Channel Trailer Tips
  3. Call to action – So many creators leave this step out or simply forget but it is so important. For real.. you put in all that time to create your amazing channel trailer the least you can do is tell the people exactly what you want them to do. Good call to actions for channel trailers would be to subscribe to your channel (obviously) or to visit your official website.
  4. Personality, personality, personality – Personality is king and people are not going to subscribe to your channel if your not getting your personality across. Some people like myself hate talking to a camera so a good tip is to ask your friend or somebody you know to stand behind the camera. What this does is help you relax and forget that you are speaking to an ugly camera.
  5. Update your trailers – As you and your YouTube channel grow you might change your content and style so maybe it’s time for a new channel trailer perhaps? Yes of course it is you always want to make sure your channel trailer is delivering the right message. You don’t want people to subscribe and then unsubscribe a week later because you promised something in your channel trailer that you never delivered on right?

Final Thoughts..

You want to make sure that you spend a lot of time and do your best work on your channel trailer because it can be your most viewed video. Having said that you can also use your channel trailer for YouTube Video Ads (or other ad networks) to further promote your channel, not letting all your hard work go to waste. If you need a little inspiration you can start by watching some Hollywood movie trailers or some other popular YouTube creator trailers (you may need to unsubscribe first if you are already subbed). Bottom line have some fun, be brave and break a leg.. you got to break a leg it’s YouTube for Pete’s sake!

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