Yo Toons – Original Funny Cartoons By Yo Minus

Yo Toons is a series of funny cartoons written and animated by YO MINUS, to see more cartoons and some of his other videos please visit his YouTube channel here!

Help Bring Yo Toons Back!

I’ve been making funny cartoons and music videos online for years now and have been loving every single minute of it. Lately my focus has been centered around creating new music so I have had little or no time to make cartoons; or what I like to call “YO TOONS” (1-3 mins cartoon parodies about famous celebs or current events) One of these cartoons can easily take me hundreds of hours to finish and being a father of two beautiful little girls it becomes extremely difficult to sacrifice this amount of time. Also YouTube age restricts the vast majority of my videos so I am unable to generate any real income from my channel at all.

So I decided to give Patreon a go in hopes of bringing back the “YO TOONS”. Currently I haven’t been able to create any new cartoons because my focus has been entirely on my music, but with your support I believe I could create at least 1 per month…How? Well by becoming a patron of mine (see awesome rewards!) I will eventually be able to hire an animator or two so I can start releasing new cartoons “YO TOONS” which will be totally awesome!

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