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Thousands of man-hours have went into the creation of these flash cartoons over a five year span generating a combined view count well into the millions on our YouTube Channel! After much thought and careful consideration we have decided to release our much coveted flash cartoon templates or flash source files (.fla) to the world. We strongly believe that the best creations are derived from both inspiration and creative collaborations and that is what we are aiming to achieve with the release of our flash cartoon templates. Search below to find your perfect cartoon for your next project whether it’s a YouTube channel trailer, animated music video, cartoon explainer video, funny cartoon, or celebrity cartoon we hope to be your next BIG collaboration!

Promotional Flash Cartoon Templates

Title (*Click For Preview) Description Length Purchase
Cartoon Channel Trailer Template Channel Trailer, Flash Intro 0:43 Buy now
Animated Music Video Template Cartoon Music Video, Advertising, Music Artists 3:27 Buy now
Cartoon Explainer Video Template 1 Explainer Video, Product Demo, Promotional 0:23 Buy now
Cartoon Explainer Video Template 2 Explainer Video, Product Demo, Advertising 0:48 Buy now
Cartoon Explainer Video Template 3 Explainer Video, Product Demo, Website Demo 1:01 Buy now

Celebrity/Viral Cartoon Templates

Title (*Click For Preview) Description Length Purchase
Justin Bieber Cartoon Template Funny Cartoon, Justin Bieber, Cartoon Template 1:09 Buy now
Miley Cyrus Cartoon Template Celebrity Cartoon, Funny Cartoon, Miley Cyrus 0:41 Buy now
Donald Trump Cartoon Template 1 Trump Cartoon, Donald Trump, Funny Cartoon Template 2:59 Buy now
Funny Flash Cartoon Template 1 Funny Cartoon, Short Cartoon, Template .fla 0:46 Buy now
Funny Flash Cartoon Template 2 Funny Diet Cartoon, Fat Lady Cartoon, Cartoon Template 2:26 Buy now
Donald Trump Cartoon Template 2 Donald Trump Cartoon, Trump Cartoon, Cartoon Template 3:19 Buy now
Funny Flash Cartoon Template 3 Funny Fitness Cartoon, Workout Cartoon, Health 0:47 Buy now
Rob Ford Cartoon Template Rob Ford Cartoon, Political Cartoon, Funny Cartoon Template 2:16 Buy now

Every Flash Cartoon Template product comes with 4 separate files:

1) .fla – Original Flash Source
2) .swf – Shockwave Flash Movie
3) .wav – Animation Soundtrack
4) .pdf – Licensing Agreement (click here to download sample license agreement)

Flash Cartoon Template Product Description

If your just starting out animating with flash then our Flash cartoon templates can be a valuable learning resource to help you quickly get up to speed with the whole animation process as it pertains to the overall flash environment. Seasoned flash animators or professionals will fall in love with how quickly and easily they can create new animations using our templates. This can be a definite plus when you need to deliver a superior product on a limited budget and or daunting timeline. Our Flash Cartoon Templates are resolution-independent because each cartoon animation is contained in a graphic symbol which can be easily resized to any resolution (vector graphics). The current resolution is set to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) which is quite standard these days on popular video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo etc. We utilize very descriptive folder names (Backgound, Prop, Trump, etc) in our template’s library and layers section so that you can easily find and work with the various graphics symbols in each cartoon template file (.fla). All Flash cartoon templates are delivered in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional format (.fla) and can be opened in any higher versions of Adobe Flash. All of our cartoon templates are animated at 30 frames per second (fps).


Can I use your Flash Cartoon Templates AS IS meaning without modification?

Yes, you can purchase a separate license from Yo Minus Productions if you’re interested please contact us here.

How much does the additional license cost to use the template I purchased as is?

An additional charge of the value of the purchased template, so if the template you purchased costs $29.99 then it would cost you an extra $29.99.

So the cartoon template I purchased from your website is for a single-user?

Yes, if you require a multi-user license than please contact us here.

How much does a multi-user license cost?

Up to 20 users – $20.00
Up to 40 users – $30.00
Up to 60 users – $40.00
*To purchase a multi-user license please contact us here

I purchased a product from your website and did not receive it via e-mail. Now what?

All Flash Cartoon Template products come with instant digital delivery, so if you did not receive a download link within an hour of your purchase, here are a couple things to check: 1) Make sure that your payment is not pending. If you sent an e-check or your payment has not been accepted, your purchase will be sent after the transaction is complete. 2) Check your junk/spam mail folder. Sometimes your purchase will get filtered into your junk mail. – If you still haven’t received your purchase, please contact us here.

Before I make my purchase can I see a sample license agreement for your flash cartoon temples?

Of course just click here >>  Sample Cartoon Template License Agreement

How do I give credit to YO MINUS Productions

In all projects in which the Flash Cartoon Templates or provided Soundtrack (.wav) are used, licensee shall give credit in one of the following formats:

Cartoons / Visual Elements provided by Yo Minus Productions (

Soundtrack produced by Yo Minus Productions (

Do I need to give credit to Yo Minus Productions?

We ask that you do and it is nice to be given credit as well however it is only a requirement if you have used one of our flash cartoon templates or Soundtracks (.wav) AS IS meaning without modification. In this case then you are required to give credit in one or both of the formats outlined above and you will also need to purchase an additional license (refer to question 2) .

I am using Toon Boom Studio on my Mac will I be able to use your flash cartoon templates?

Yes, simply open Toon Boom Studio and choose “File” and then “Import Macromedia Flash Movie”, then find the location of the .swf file for the particular template you purchased from us.

Can anyone view my cartoons or still images that I created with your templates or do I need to buy a multi-user license?

Yes, anyone can view the cartoons or images you create using our templates, however you must purchase a multi-user license (see above) if you are sharing our templates with more than one individual in a development environment.

Other questions?

Please feel free to fill out our contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.