Whatcha Say'n

[Pres. Bush Jr:]
"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil...all of us want peace."

[Verse 1]
To the heads call'n the shots
To the Fed's polish'n their Glock's
To the hard knocks out on the block
Sell'n rock or whatever they got
Can't they see were just try'n to get by
Sell'n crack to a 10 year old why?
Cause the system failed that's why
Let'em fall through the cracks and die
I can't understand what they think'n
Got me up all night just drink'n
We got a city man she's sink'n
Mother fuckers where all caught blink'n what?

Yeah unh Whatcha Say'n man?
Huh? What? Watcha Say'n
Forget about it, forget about it What?
Watcha Say'n man?
Huh? Punk yeah

[Verse 2]
Its scary you know this mirror when your tripp'n
Rappers get louder its cancer their spitten
I'm wish'n they would disappear
Year after year I can hear them cheer
Its fear that locked em down
Another bloody mattress another gun found
The sound of a widow echos in the rear
And then tears another brother down another volunteer
Please God take the wheel and steer
Hey God can you help me here?
I got a hammer but my strength ain't here
I need an hour let your reign rain here
I'm in trouble cause these thoughts ain't clear
Hey God can you fade these fears?
I'm afraid that it's just me here
I go to pray but the prey be here
By the way it ain't safe down here no!


[Verse 3]
Her eyes keep bringing me back to that day
Whispers of her love still echo'n away
Her song keeps skipp'n till it softly plays
I use to walk away
I'd try to be that man who had nothing to say
Cobain knew there was something in the way
I wish I knew there was something in the way
Man I'd figure it out and make it go away
Take a deep breath kneel down and pray
Wake up and realize it was just the other day
When she wrote those words man she spoke em this way
Soul mates remember its gunna be okay
Just hold me this way she told me to stay
She pushed me away I miss her today man


[Outro][PRES. BUSH JR:]
"All of us want peace, thank you good night and God Bless America"

Written by: YO MINUS