Top Dog

[Verse 1]
Yo I wear my mind on my sleeve
Cause haters bleed motivators lead
While aggravators seed it's to late to proceed
It's too great to believe when protection and speed
From elections to need from injections to weed
Interceptions from greed rejections are kneed
Fueled and freed when my ability to lead
Gets tortured and keyed they know I'll succeed
Cause they know I believe in this mic that I squeeze
Spit a lifetime at thee spent a lifetime at sea
My boat will retrieve my boat will believe
In this mike that I breath In this mike that I see
Spit a line set'em free

[Chorus 2x]
I'm the top dog, I'm the top dog
you're my pussy cat, you're my pussy cat
And how I like to swim, and how I like to swim
In her habitat, In her habitat

[Verse 2]
Ok bro so you rather get high
You rather tell a lie than look me in the eye
You rather be a spy than tell the other why
why? Get your head out the sky
you need to understand man to be your own man
You need a fuck'n plan man to help you comprehend
A couple of grand man but not the Trans Am Damn
You just won't understand
you need to claim home before you take Rome
you need to buy a dome to guarantee your bone
your own man do it on your own
(reverse sample)
But pretend and it could bring the means to end
My friend when ya gunna hear me when I say
The mainstream's flooded over flowing and grey
Pray… you can go your own way


[Verse 3]
You know what I think man? Your all fuck'n talk
You need to power up your boat to get it off the dock
Doc stop sit'n around watch'n the clock
Do you think opportunity is gunna just knock?
Knock hello Is anybody home?
You need to get up off your ass before you get a loan
Get a loan? yeah but I don't have credit
Then forget it and let it but regret it and you'll sweat it
Stress levels will rocket so fuck it go take your bucket and go and get it
Get what? Whatever it is your looking for
It take perseverance get the fuck off the floor
Whore just listen where's your ambition?
Your keys your keys your keys to your ignition
You can't start your car without fuck'n gas
Ass your gunna end up dead last!

Written by: YO MINUS