It's Clover

[Verse 1]
Yeah unh..I wrote these words and hoped that they’d find ya
Hop’n that someday maybe someone would tell ya
About this song that they heard through a friend
That seeks a beginning yo but not an end
Through a bend in the road I broke through
Like some ancient writing man it’s taboo
Who knew that my wave could crash your shore
Without any wind Crimson I hit your door
No more does your breath though flow through the air
Where memories fade only angels stare
They swear they can see us standing by our tree
The one I engraved our initials with my key
They see our faces exactly how they where
To them where happy yo and not a blur
I’m sure that they know what has happen to you
But I could care a less Crimson I got ya tattooed yeah...

[Chorus 2x]

Got ta believe me I’m sober...Crimson
You were my rock I was soldier
I can’t believe that it’s over
Come on Crimson it’s Clover

[Verse 2]
Crimson I dropped by ya house the other day
I was talk’n with your ma when she turned the other way
U know she didn’t seem okay when I asked about you
It’s only been a month but it’s feel’n like a few
Girl I’m feel’n shitty to nothing is the same
I can’t write a line to rhyme without your name
Binge drink’n in the game sleep’n in the train
Every single day it’s like here come the pain
It’s a chain on my neck that I’ll die to defend
Better know this girl your more then a trend
Like a friend has a fee every code has a key
I’m a free falling man will ya save me me?


[Verse 3]
Crimson? If your there can you pick up the phone
I’ve been try’n to reach ya but your never at home
Girl your never alone what has happened to you
I got a poem here, I’m just gunna read it to you
Crimson my life without you is not the same
I feel like I don’t have a purpose or name
I’m to blame cause everywhere I go I hear them say
Eight months ago I through six years away
Six years to the day can we start all over
Hi I’m Clover can Crimson come over
Ha I know it wasn’t even funny
I sit here drunk I got no fuck’n money
I’m a dummy going down the bottle again
Please help Crimson you’re my only friend
Lets pretend okay that were getting back together
Remember what you said soul mates forever
Whatever it’s too late well maybe if you hurry
These 26 codeine is making it blurry
Don’t worry surly this gun will do the trick
Come on crimson you better make it quick
Ain’t it sick sick this poem that I wrote
Well maybe It ain’t a poem it’s a suicide note


Crimson ummm....

Written by: YO MINUS