Drugs Stole My Brain

[Verse 1]
I used to tell jokes people fell on the floor
Like what's this? "I don't know" well here comes 5 more
I used to go to birthdays just to play games
Now I sit in the corner while people call me names
I used to like to celebrate like after a fart
Now I crack a half smile at least it's a start
I use to talk intelligent and use big words
Now I randomly swear while talking to "birds"
I used to go to church singing in the choir
Now i stay at home we take'n it higher
I used to be real patient I'd could sit for days
Now I twitch and shake my mind's in a maze
I use to play guitar kinda like Lil Wayne
To bad he can't play that would be insane
I used slap Jimmy until he stood on up
Now Jimmy's always tired I can't get him up

Seriously I need like 3 or 4 Viagra just to make Jimmy move
you could have a Halle Berry take her top off
right infront of Jimmy and he'd still be play'n dead
you wanna know why man?

[Chorus (2x)]
Drugs stole my brain I'm fall'n off track
my brains on a train It ain't com'n back
Drugs stole my brain I want my brain back
my brains on a train never com'n back

[Verse 2]
I used to have a girlfriend to love and to hold
Now I got a blow up at least it can fold
I use to be real cool I even had a car
Now I ride the bus I take it very far
I used to have a cell phone to call my best friend
Now I use a banana just to pretend
I used to have nice teeth before they fell out
Now I use Polident dude check'em out
I used to play hockey with a stick n puck
Now I use my thumbs cause I really suck
I used to have a great job now I push buggies
Help old ladies while staring at juggies
I used to go to bars night clubs down the strip
Now I stay at home due to nasal drip
I used to be dependable like a pair of diapers
Now I shit myself I really need diapers

Dude - You see man everybody's got there thing some people knit
some people sew I shit myself I don't see what the big deal is (fart) aeewww


Written by: YO MINUS