How Most Guys Get A Shredded 6 Pack

Let’s face it getting a Shredded 6 Pack is hard!

The majority of us guy’s & girls will never see a totally shredded 6 pack unless we implement what is demonstrated in this animated cartoon. However there are many credible and famous online and offline trainers who believe that they have the recipe for the ultimate fitness prize of a “Achieving a shredded 6 pack”. From trying many of these strategies myself in the past I can tell you that both diet and exercise are key to acquiring a highly defined midriff. Dedication is also paramount because it will take a ton of your time and patience to get a six pack. Most trainers agree that you need to very important things to happen to acquire a six pack and they are:

1. Lose Fat
2. Build muscle

**Key Point – You can have the most shredded and muscular abs, but it will not be seen if there is a layer of fat covering them. I have listed some great websites/blogs below that discuss many ways in which you can achieve your goal of obtaining a shredded 6 pack.

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Great articles on how to get a shredded 6 pack

1. wikiHow to Get Six Pack Abs

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